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Autopos problem

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:07 am
by meteo-melin

I try to use autopost but it fails.
Anyone has an idea about what I should do?

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         *  Testing viability of Autopost - Just a bit of due diligenceCalling POSIX::isdigit() is deprecated at /home/wrf/wrfems/strc/ems_run/Models/WRF/ line 1112.
 (See for yourself!)

     *  Testing whether each compute node is reachable:

          Does server3 respond to a ping? - Yes

     *  Testing Passwordless SSH from server

          Passwordless SSH to server3 - Success

     *  Testing EMS configuration on each compute node

          Write speed to /home/wrf/wrfems/runs/belgium8km - 50.0 mbs @ 118.05 mb/s.

     *  Attempting to create a file on each of the remote hosts, and if successful, check
        whether file is visible on server.

          Creating file on server3:/home/wrf/wrfems/logs  - Passed
          Creating file on server3:/home/wrf/wrfems/runs/belgium8km  - Passed
          Write speed to   server3:/home/wrf/wrfems/runs/belgium8km  - 50.0 mbs @ 9.99 mb/s.

     *  Running MPI test program on nodes: server3

         *  MPICH to select the network interface on server3 to be used for communication

        Calculating PI via integration:

Permission denied, please try again.
Permission denied, please try again.
Permission denied (publickey,password).