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Help us help you! Please read.

Posted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:45 pm
by coldplug
Hi all!

Anybody can help to promote this board. What we need are incoming web links. There are many knowledgeable and helpful people out there, that simply don't know about this forum existance. So web links on your sites, pointed to are really important. Also, google will rank much better this board if it finds many incoming links on the internet. This also helps a lot to promote it.

There is no any avertisment on this board, and never will be. exists because of knowledge sharing, not to earn any money. So please, help us by linking us from your web sites, if you like us, and if you can.

Another very simple thing you can do to help the site promote better on google is to click on "+1" google button on the right side below forum header on the articles that you find useful.