Got this far....please help!!!!

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Got this far....please help!!!!

Post by Curtis_Weatherman » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:32 pm

I've been communicating with Robert and now I am lost, and it appears he is busy so I'm turning here for help. Here is the correspondence we've shared....

Hi Robert,

I'm trying to view WRF EMS data using VMWare Centos 5.5 operating system. I have dropped the resolution in the domain wizard as low as it will go. Everything runs normally, it converts the files, and is flawless. When I go to view the data in NMAP2 the only data that appears for the full 24 hours is the surface pressure. Since lowering the resolution I have obtained about 3 panels of the 24 hours of 300mb wind data. All other data shows at 00 hour but is black with no data for the full 24 hours. Do you know what would be causing this and what a potential remedy would be? Thanks for your time!

Hello Curtis,

The resolution should make no difference.

What information is contained within the GRIB files? You can use wgrib and wgrib2 -v to get a listing.

I have never encountered this problem before, but I also have never tested the EMS on VMWare.

My initial guess is that you are encountering a system limitation, such as the 2Gb file size limit on 32bit machines.

What grid spacing are you using?


to Robert.Rozumal.


Thanks for the rapid reply! I usually use 6km for the spacing, although I have ran an 8km spacing with the same no data result. I'm assuming if your initial thoughts are correct, there is no fix?? I'm hoping there is something that can be done. Here's the information in the grib file....

/home/gempak/wrfems/runs/WRF 1:51 -> wgrib -v
no GRIB file to process
/home/gempak/wrfems/runs/WRF 1:51 -> wgrib2 -v

*** FATAL ERROR: no input file ***


You need to first post process the model output into GRIB format, cd emsprd/grib, and then "wgrib2 -v <one of the GRIB2 files>.

Hi Robert,

Thanks again for the reply. I can go to the directory you put in your email, but I get a fatal error of no input file. What should I do next?

/home/gempak/wrfems/runs/WRF 22:41 -> cd emsprd/grib
/home/gempak/wrfems/runs/WRF/emsprd/grib 23:09 -> wgrib2 -v

*** FATAL ERROR: no input file ***

Curtis, The argument to wgrib(2) must be a GRIB(2) file. - Robert

The thing is, it shows that it converts it to a GRIB2 file once its done running. I don't know what to do from here. Totally lost. No matter if its CentOS 5.5 or 6.3 I get the same thing. Any ideas??????????

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Re: Got this far....please help!!!!

Post by meteoadriatic » Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:29 pm

This is the same issue?

Well in that case it is pretty strange. Try first this. Replace your wrfems/bin/wrfpost with this one:

(backup your file first)

Then see if it makes a difference...

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